How do I report vulnerabilities or security concerns to hummgroup?

Please report vulnerabilities or any security concerns as soon as possible so that we can review and improve the safety and reliability of our systems . To report a vulnerability, use the Submission Form on our hummgroup Responsible Disclosure Policy page.

How do I add Farmers Mastercard to my digital wallet?

We support contactless payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Garmin Pay. To see how you can add your Farmers Mastercard to your device’s digital wallet, please see ‘how to set up your digital wallet’ for each of the respective

What if I still don’t feel comfortable selecting and logging in to my bank to provide transactional information?

If you don’t feel comfortable logging into your banking details for us to analyse your statements, we have an alternative for you. You will need to download a PDF copy of your last 3 month’s bank statements where your main

What happens to my internet banking credentials once I submit them on your website?

Protecting your privacy, and the security of your personal information is vital for us. The details you use to log in to your internet bank are not stored by Farmers Mastercard. They are securely discarded once they have been encrypted

Who can see my Internet Banking Log-in details?

Your banking details are secure, and no one can access your internet banking details. When you enter your login details, they are processed securely, and your banking credentials are immediately encrypted.

Will my banking information be safe and secure?

Your banking information provided to us will be analysed with strong security measures in place to ensure your information is private and confidential.     The systems and processes are set up so that we can only ever access a

Why do I need to submit my bank statements through an online login?

During the application process you will be asked to select your bank account and log in using your credentials so we are able to access your online bank statements. This is so that Columbus Financial Services Limited can verify your

How can I cancel my Long-Term purchase(s) on delayed delivery?

If you wish to cancel a Long-Term Finance purchase on delayed delivery, you must contact the merchant where the purchase was made directly and request the merchant cancels the transaction on your behalf. Please note – cancellation of the transaction

How can I close my account?

If you wish to close your Account, you must ensure that all outstanding Purchases on Delayed Delivery, automatic payment and any other periodic and/or recurring debits on your Account are cancelled. You can request your Account be cancelled at any

Can I repay an amount before it appears on my statement?

  This depends on whether you have an outstanding balance on your statement. If there is a balance already showing on your statement, then all payments made within that statement period will be applied to the statemented balance until paid