What if I receive a refund on a purchase?

If you receive a refund on all or part of your purchase you have made using your Card, any Flight Centre Rewards earned for that Purchase will be reversed, up to the amount of the refund you have received.


If a Purchase has triggered an automatic redemption, then unless it would result in your Account having a credit balance, the value of that redemption will remain on your Account, even if you subsequently return the goods or receive a refund for the relevant purchase.


For example;

Your Flight Centre Rewards balance is 20.00. You then spend $1,200 on a Gold Coast trip at a Flight Centre store, which automatically redeems the 20.00 Flight Centre Rewards as a credit onto your account for NZ$20. If you subsequently cancel that Gold Coast trip we will not reverse the $20credit we provided to you for that transaction, however, we will reverse the Rewards earned on the original purchase of the trip. Note: any Flight Centre Rewards earned on that Gold Coast trip of 24.00 will be reversed out.