What is your bank account number?

Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit. You can download a direct debit form from our website.

You can also make payments through internet banking.

The best way to do this is to set us up as a payee. You can transfer payments directly through your bank’s internet baking by choosing Farmers Mastercard as payee. You will be prompted to enter the code and reference we need to process your payment.

If you can’t find us in your bank’s payee list, you can use these details:

Account Name: Columbus Financial Services Limited
Our bank details: Account number: 01-1839-0926671-00
Code: Please enter your surname
Reference: Use ”ID” followed by your customer ID number (found on the back of your card or the top right hand corner of your account statement) e.g. IDXXXXXXXXXX
To avoid unnecessary delays to your payment please ensure you always complete the Reference field as above.