Can I repay an amount before it appears on my statement?

  This depends on whether you have an outstanding balance on your statement. If there is a balance already showing on your statement, then all payments made within that statement period will be applied to the statemented balance until paid

What is your bank account number?

Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit. You can download a direct debit form from our website. You can also make payments through internet banking. The best way to do this is to set us up as a payee. You

How do I make a payment?

Transfer payments directly from your online banking accounts to your Farmers Mastercard account: Bill payee: Farmers Mastercard Account number: 01-1839-0926671-00 Account Name: Columbus Financial Services Limited Reference: Use “ID” followed by your customer ID number (found on the back of

How are my payments allocated?

Any payment you make to your account is allocated according to the payment allocation sequence, unless you specify otherwise. Full details of the payment allocation sequence can be found in our Terms and Conditions.