Who can be an Additional Cardholder?

An Additional Cardholder must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid New Zealand drivers licence. They must also have a valid email address and mobile number that are both different to those that are registered to

How do I invite someone to be an Additional Cardholder on my account?

To invite someone to be an Additional Cardholder on your account you must have a My Account login. If you don’t yet have one, you can create your account here.   Log in or Sign Up to My Account, head

Who is responsible for paying the Additional Cardholder’s purchases?

Additional Cardholders use the Primary Cardholders credit limit therefore the Primary Cardholder is liable for any purchases and the outstanding balance of their account regardless of who made the purchase. As the Primary Cardholder you will have full visibility of

Does an Additional Cardholder get their own Farmers Mastercard?

Once an Additional Cardholders application is accepted by Farmers Mastercard and our Terms and Conditions accepted by them, we will post the Additional Cardholder their own card sent to the address supplied during their application. Their card is sent free

Can an Additional Cardholder link their own Farmers Club Card to their Farmers Mastercard?

The Farmers Club Card linked to the Primary Cardholders account is the only Farmers Club Card number that can be used for any Additional Cardholder cards. This means that any Additional Cardholders will need to have the same Farmers Club