Authorised Person

Farmers Mastercard allows you to add an Authorised Person to your account. This person will be able to request and obtain details, and manage certain aspects of your account. An Authorised Person can also be an Additional Cardholder – see more.

What an Authorised Person can do

Request and view account details such as:

  • Outstanding balance
  • Available credit
  • Credit limit
  • Minimum payment due
  • Transaction information including amounts, dates and merchant details.

Administer the account, including:

  • Reporting a card lost or stolen and placing a temporary hold on that card.
  • Changing any scheduled direct debit payment.
  • Making a payment arrangement if the account is in arrears.

What they can’t do:

  • Request changes to the account
  • Invite a person to be an additional cardholder
  • Request a replacement card
  • Cancel a direct debit

You can add or remove an Authorised Person from the account at any time by contacting us.