Collect Farmers Club Points* with Farmers Mastercard®


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Collect on your everyday spend*

Your Farmers Mastercard is welcome everywhere Mastercard is.

So be it big, small, local, global, in-store or online – every purchase made on your Farmers Mastercard has the potential to collect you Farmers Club Points.

How to collect Points with Farmers Mastercard

You’ll need to link a valid Farmers Club Card to your Farmers Mastercard account. Once that’s set up, every $10 spent on your Farmers Mastercard will collect you one Farmers Club Point.


Find out how to link your cards here or if you need to apply for a Farmers Club Card you can do so here

Collect Farmers Club Points
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Keeping track of your Farmers Club Points

Any Points you've collected with your Farmers Mastercard will show up in your Farmers Club Account summary within 1-2 working days. And once you have enough Points to convert into a Farmers Club Voucher, you'll be able to see your Voucher in your Farmers Club Account too.


To check your summary, log in to your Farmers Club Account here

Collecting on bigger purchases

Unlock amazing Long Term Finance^ terms through your Farmers Mastercard at Farmers and hundreds of retailers around New Zealand. Even better, all Long Term Finance purchases are eligible to collect Farmers Club Points* too!
An Establishment fee of $55 applies to your first LTF transaction, a $35 Advance Fee applies to all subsequent LTF transactions.


Click here to find out more on Long Term Finance

Collect through Long Term Finance


Not yet a customer? Apply online for a Farmers Mastercard today and start collecting Points*

Apply Now!

Lending Criteria, a $50 Annual Account Fee, Fees, Terms & Conditions apply.



Collect more Farmers Club Points* when you shop at Farmers


Link your cards

Double-Dip At Farmers

Shop with Farmers in-store or online using both your Farmers Club Card and Farmers Mastercard together and you’ll collect Points twice over! That’s what we call double-dipping, and at this party, you can do it as much as you like. 


Haven’t linked your cards yet? Find out how to here. For more information on Club Point collection rates, check out the Farmers Club terms and conditions.


Double-Dip with Long Term Finance 

Thinking about making a bigger purchase at Farmers? Good news, the double-dipping magic still applies whether your purchase is big or small. Purchase using flexible finance terms and get Farmers Club Points for using your Farmers Mastercard and collect additional Points on your Farmers Club Card*. Win!

Long Term Finance



Things you should know:

Lending criteria, $50 annual account fee, terms and conditions apply. Everywhere Mastercard is accepted - collect 1 Farmers Club Point for every $10 spent on Standard Purchases. Excludes cash advances, balance transfers, fees, interest charges or quasi-cash transactions. Standard Interest Rate, currently 25.95% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at the end of a payment holiday or interest free period. Rate and fees correct as at date of publication, subject to change. Standard Farmers Club terms and conditions apply.

*Everywhere Mastercard is accepted in-store and online around the world. Collect 1 Farmers Club Point for every $10 spent on Farmers Mastercard. To be eligible to collect Farmers Club Points there must be a valid Farmers Club Card linked to your Farmers Mastercard account. Any spend made on a Farmers Mastercard without a valid, linked Farmers Club Card will not be eligible to collect Farmers Club Points and any Farmers Club Points will not be retrospectively put onto a Farmers Club Card account once a Farmers Club Card has been linked.

^Shop at Farmers in-store or online using both your Farmers Mastercard and Farmers Club Card to collect Farmers Club Points twice over. Collect 1 Farmers Club Point for every $10 spent on your Farmers Mastercard AND collect Farmers Club Points from using your Club Card. Find out your Farmers Club Card category collection rates here.


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