There’s more to love when you upgrade to Farmers Mastercard!
There’s more to love when you upgrade to Farmers Mastercard!


It's time to upgrade!


Upgrade to Farmers Mastercard to start getting MORE benefits when you shop at Farmers and everywhere Mastercard is accpted, in-store and online.


We know that you love your Farmers Finance Card, but it unfortunately doesn't give you the flexibility, convenience or contact free shopping that has become so critically important this year.


Upgrading to a Farmers Mastercard will make life a whole lot easier and you will be rewarded with Farmers Club Points on every purchase you make.


To help you make the upgrade, we've put together a special offer available for Farmers Finance Cardholders. 


Apply and be approved to get:

Get 1000 Club points
90 days transfer of your balance
No annual account fee for one year

Lending criteria, a $50 annual account fee, fees, terms and conditions apply.

With Farmers Mastercard you'll enjoy:

Earn Everywhere

Purchase everywhere Mastercard is accepted

Use Farmers Mastercard to shop online and in-store everywhere Mastercard is accepted.


Earn Twice Over

Earn Farmers Club Points 

Earn 1 Farmers Club Point for every $10 you spend using your Farmers Mastercard, everywhere Mastercard is accepted.


Double Dip

Double-dip when you shop with Farmers

Use your Farmers Mastercard and Farmers Club Card together at Farmers and earn Farmers Club Points twice over.

Exclusive Events

Competitions, promotions and offers

Continue to enjoy the 90 day extended finance offers, special promotions and prize draws you know and love!


To learn more about the benefits of a Farmers Mastercard click here




Frequently Asked Questions about Upgrading

It’s easy, just click Apply Now to go through our simple online form. If you’re approved, your Farmers Mastercard will arrive by mail, usually within 10 working days. We'll automatically transfer any balance you have from your Farmers Finance Card and close your old account. This will happen either when you receive and activate your Farmers Mastercard or 10 working days after your application is approved, whichever occurs soonest.

There is no card repayment insurance offered on Farmers Mastercard, so if you have current Card Repayment Insurance for your Farmers Finance Card it will be cancelled when you upgrade to Farmers Mastercard. At the time your Farmers Finance Card is closed, your Card Repayment Insurance will also be cancelled.

The additional cardholder(s) on your Farmers Finance Card account will not be automatically moved to your Farmers Mastercard account when the switching process happens. If you wish to add any additional cardholder(s) on your Farmers Mastercard account, you can do this from your Farmers Mastercard online ‘My Account’. With Farmers Mastercard, additional cardholders will earn Farmers Club Points for the primary cardholder when they spend on their Farmers Mastercard, provided the primary cardholder has a valid Farmers Club Card linked to their Farmers Mastercard account.

Your Farmers Mastercard credit limit may differ from your existing Farmers Finance Card credit limit. You will be advised of your credit limit with Farmers Mastercard after approval of your application.

Long Term Finance purchases at Farmers are on Fixed Instalment Agreement terms and are separate to Farmers Finance Card transactions. These won’t be affected by upgrading to Farmers Mastercard. You will still need to continue to pay these separately.

If your Farmers Mastercard credit limit is the same or higher than your current Farmers Finance Card limit and/or balance, you can continue to use your Farmers Finance Card right up until you receive your Farmers Mastercard. If your Farmers Mastercard approved credit limit is lower than your current Farmers Finance Card limit and/or balance, you won’t be able to use your Farmers Finance Card after application approval.

If the balance owing on your Farmers Finance Card is more than the approved credit limit on your Farmers Mastercard, we will not be able to transfer your Farmers Finance Card balance at 90 days no payments, no interest as per the promotional offer until the balance to be transferred is less than the Farmers Mastercard credit limit. Please feel free to contact us on 0800 990 077 to talk to a representative about how we can help with your balance transfer.

All yourrewards points will be converted in to Farmers Club Points so long as you have a valid Farmers Club Card linked at the time the switching process occurs. Click here to become a Farmers Club Card customer.

yourrewards will be converted into Farmers Club Points at a rate of 10 yourrewards points = 1 Farmers Club Point. Please note: Following yourrewards points conversion, you may have Farmers voucher(s) automatically generated for you as per the Farmers Club terms and conditions.

Click here to see all fees and interest rates for Farmers Mastercard.

Yes, if you’re using internet banking to pay your Farmers Finance Card, you will need to add Farmers Mastercard as a new payee as the account details are different. Please note that in-store payments will not be accepted for Farmers Mastercard.

Things you should know

Lending criteria, $50 annual account fee, terms and conditions apply. Everywhere Mastercard is accepted - earn 1 Farmers Club Point for every $10 spent on Standard Purchases. Excludes cash advances, balance transfers, fees, interest charges or quasi-cash transactions. Standard Interest Rate, currently 25.95% p.a. (this rate differs from the interest rate payable with Farmers Finance Card) applies to any outstanding balance at the end of a payment holiday or interest free period. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Rate and fees correct as at date of publication, subject to change. Standard Farmers Club terms and conditions apply. Excludes Long Term Finance.

*Promotional Terms & Conditions

1 To be eligible to redeem this offer you must have a current Farmers Finance Card account and have been the recipient of the promotional email from Columbus Financial Services Limited advising of the Upgrade Offer valid from 7 September 2020. You must enter the promo code ‘UPGRADE’ on your application and have an active Farmers Club Card linked to your new Farmers Mastercard at the point of application for Farmers Mastercard. If you do not have a valid Farmers Club Card linked at the time of application approval, you will not be eligible to collect the 1,000 Farmers Club Points portion of the ‘UPGRADE’ offer but may still remain eligible for the rest of the offer.

2 Promotional offer valid for all Farmers Mastercard accounts opened by eligible Farmers Finance Card holders from approved online Farmers Mastercard applications received from 7 September 2020 until further notice (“Offer Period”), using the Promo Code ‘UPGRADE’.

3 Eligible new Farmers Mastercard customers approved during the Offer Period will receive 1,000 Farmers Club Points on their Farmers Mastercard account, will have the annual account fee (NZD$50) waived for the first year and will have their Farmers Finance Card balance transferred to their Farmers Mastercard account at no payments and no interest for 90 days. After the first year an annual Account Fee of $50 applies and will be charged in accordance with the Ts&Cs. Find out more here.

4 Note that the first instalment of the $50 Annual Account fee ($25) will initially be charged to your account but will then be refunded back to your Farmers Mastercard account within 10 days.

5 The Farmers Finance Card balance transfers onto the new Farmers Mastercard account at 90 days no payments and no interest at either 10 days post approval of a new Farmers Mastercard account or the activation of the new Farmers Mastercard via the activation process, whichever instance occurs first.

6 If all eligibility criteria is met, the 1,000 Farmers Club Points will be applied within 21 days of application approval to your Farmers Mastercard account where they will then be sent through to the Farmers Club Account. Standard Farmers Club terms and conditions apply.

7 Excludes new accounts created in line with Long Term Finance purchases including Flexi pay purchases and fixed installments. Other fee’s associated with Purchases and Long Term Finance still apply: see full Terms and Conditions for details.

8 Columbus Financial Services Limited reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the offer and these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

9 Farmers Mastercard terms and conditions apply. Click here for full details.


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